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Open to all juniors, seniors and grad students!
Visitors to lectures are welcome!

UN 4000 Remote Sensing
Seminar Series

1 credit class CRN# 81683
Fall Semester 2006

Regular Time: Monday 4 pm
113 Minerals & Materials Building


Purpose of the class:

This is a class built around an interdisciplinary seminar series on Remote Sensing topics. It is meant to give an introduction to this rapidly developing research field for our students. It is meant for students in the Minor program in Remote Sensing, which can be taken by majors in at least 9 departments. It is also of possible interest to graduate and undergraduate students interested in remote sensing and related topics.

The class grade is determined by attendance and participation. There are no exams or written assignments.

Fall 2006 Schedule of Dates, Speakers and Topics:

This fall's seminar has a regional focus--Central America

Updated September 19, 2006

Please note that some speakers' dates may be rearranged as the schedule is finalized.

Seminars are on Mondays at 4 pm, M&M Room U113, unless otherwise noted.




Preliminary Title


Paper link(s)

Sept 11

4-5 pm


Element Fluxes from the Volcanic Front of Nicaragua and Costa Rica

Michael J Carr Rutgers University

C1, C2, C3

Sept 18

4-5 pm


Geological evolution of Central America with emphasis on Volcanism

Guillermo Alvarado ICE,Costa Rica

A1, A2

Sept 25

4-5 pm


Quantitative Hazards Assessment: Informing Probability, Tracking Tephra, and Linking Models to Data Using GIS

Gordon Keating Los Alamos Natl Lab

K1, K2 , K3

2 Oct

4-5 pm


Listening to Volcanoes with Seismometers and Microphones

Jeffrey B Johnson Univ New Hamp

J1, J2

9 Oct

4-5 pm


Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate Change in the Arctic

Dr. Paul Shepson, Purdue University


16 Oct

4-5 pm


Overview of plate tectonic history of Central America and its unresolved tectonic problems

Paul Mann Inst Geophys Univ Texas

M1, M2

23 Oct

4-5 pm


Update on Mount St Helens

Steve Schilling, CVO USGS

S1, S2, S3

30 Oct

4-5 pm


Systematic GPS measurements of the Caribbean Plate

Chuck DeMets Wisconsin-Madison

D1, D2

6 Nov

4-5 pm


Volcanism in Western Mexico

Nick Varley Univ of Colima


13 Nov

4-5 pm


Water in Arc Magmas

Terry Plank Boston University

P1, P2

27 Nov

4-5 pm


People as Agents of Geologic Change

Maria Luisa Crawford Bryn Mawr College


4 Dec

4-5 pm






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